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Hello - I'm Heena, pronounced HE-NUH (preferred pronouns: she/her). I am a clinical psychologist and scientist at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

I am passionate about working as a clinical psychologist, where I have the opportunity to help patients, couples, and families see themselves and others with empathy and compassion. My clinical approach is grounded in evidence-based practices delivered through a personalized and collaborative approach.

My clinical research centers on developing and testing mind-body interventions for people with multiple sclerosis (MS). I aspire to improve people's adjustment to chronic illness so they can live well, even with illness, and improve their quality of life.

Several activites contribute to my well-being including Bollywood-based fitness classes, exploring new restaurants in the greater Boston area, and practicing gratitude with my family and dog.

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I am currently an NIH T32 Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Integrative Medicine at Havard Medical School where I study whole health interventions in MS. I use quantitative methods to assess functioning across physical, psychological, and cognitive domains. Using qualitative methods, I seek to understand patient perspectives on their experiences, needs, and preferences for holistic care. I feel compelled to help improve access to whole health care that optimizes physical, psychological, and spirtual well-being. Ultimately, I aim to conduct research that is translatable into practice and helps individuals live their optimal lives.

Future Directions

My current pursuits are to harness integrative medicine practices. I am curious how lifestyle behaviors such as mind-body movement (e.g., yoga, tai chi), mindfulness, and diet impact people's ability to cope with chronic illness, and prevent depression and anxiety from becoming dysfunctional. In my future research, I aim to design and test whole health interventions to mitigate symptoms and improve functioning of interconnected domains in people with multiple sclerosis.


For a complete list of my publications visit PubMed.

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Clinical Competencies

I am a licensed clinical psychologist providing virtual therapy in Massachusetts. I apply research evidence in my clinical work with individuals, couples, and families. I have specialized training in three areas:

1. Individual Therapy for anxiety, depression, and stress. I use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness, and behavioral medicine techniques to help individuals cope with challenging emotions. I aim to help people live according to their values. I also have specialized training in working with people with neurological illness (e.g., multiple sclerosis, ALS, traumatic brain injury) who may feel confused and alone in navigating uncertain and unpredictable disease course. I help people work through changes and adapt to living well with chronic illness. Using an integrative approach, I combine mind-body, psychosocial, and lifestyle interventions to provide personalized and patient-centered care.

2. Couples and Family Therapy: I also provide couples and family therapy to improve communication, conflict resolution, and relationship intimacy. I help couples who are in transitional stages of life (planning parenthood, new parents, caretaking for parents) and who may be experiencing unexpected situations or circumstances navigate changes effectively.

3. South Asian Mental Health: I am passionate about providing South Asian indivduals, couples and families tools to cope with various issues. These can include sexism, colorism, family obligations and expectations, intergenerational trauma, mental health stigma, acculturation, assimilation, casteism, colonization, etc. While these issues are often a source of tension and conflict, they can also be a source of profound insight and self-growth. I care deeply about these issues and helping individuals, couples, and families navigate differences in ways that allow them to uphold their values.

My Identity: I am a South Asian woman, born in Mumbai and raised in New York City. I identify as a Sindhi, first generation, college graduate. I straddle a bicultural Indian, American identity.

Therapeutic Approach: My therapeutic style is collaborative and flexible. I strive to create a safe and compassionate therapy environment. I work together with patients to understand their challenges and craft a treatment plan that aligns with their goals. I then apply practical tools to help them navigate those challenges in ways that support their overall well-being. I come to the therapy space with my background and strive to understand how aspects of people's background and identity impact the way they cope with challenges. This allows us to collaboratively explore how to navigate difficulties that align with patient values. Ultimately, I hope to help people uncover the resilience that already resides within them.


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